AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe, faster text generation with TensorFlow and XLA, approximating self-attention in linear time and memory via the Nyström method, a paper on enha
NVIDIA Canvas app launches in beta, Meta AI's library for differentiable nonlinear optimization, mixed precision training, a paper on generative…
Meta's Make-A-Scene, AI Infrastructure Ecosystem Report of 2022, dynamic adversarial data collection, a paper on efficient representation learning via…
the world's largest open multilingual language model BLOOM, a Python SDK for interacting with Deep Search, generalized visual language models, and more
PyTorch 1.12 which includes a new dataframe library, Google's Minerva model for quantitative reasoning, DALLE2 pre-training mitigations, and more
Meta's AI-driven acoustic synthesis for AR and VR, orchestrating PyTorch workflows using Vertex AI pipelines, Fast Interpretable Greedy-Tree Sums from…
NVIDIA's MoMA inverse rendering pipeline for quickly producing 3D objects, Apple's multi-task neural architecture for on-device scene analysis, unifying…
Iterative's VS Code Extension for Experiment Tracking, MLOps at a reasonable scale, Meta's new direct speech-to-speech model that does not rely on text…
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