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Past Issues

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #106

Face recognition, AI chips from Tesla, faster GPUs on Colab, RNNs for text summarization, painting with CNNs

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #105

End-to-end AI with Google, AI storyboarding at Disney, regulating bias in models, a GoT death predictor, conversational data, and more...

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #104

Facebook's AI-powered maps, Google's ethics board, Goodfellow's next move, GANs in TF2, GPU benchmarks, and more...

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #103

Turing Awards, DL Containers on AWS, data collection ethics, super resolution, hyperparameter optimization, fast semantic segmentation, and more...

Deep Learning Weekly Issue #102

AI-powered doodle, deep learning in geology, and 4k Star Trek, and more...

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