Deep Learning Weekly - Issue #101: NVIDIA GTC 2019 Recap, DeepMind + Google, OpenAI LP, GPT-2 Poetry, Debugging Neural Networks, 3D Hand Shape Estimation, and more...

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Howdy folks, This week in deep learning we bring you a recap of NVIDIA's GTC 2019, a deep dive into t
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Deep Learning Weekly
Howdy folks,
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NVIDIA GTC 2019 Recap
DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence | 1843
Stanford Launches Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
RNN metadata for mimicking individual author style -
Checklist for debugging neural networks – Towards Data Science
Yann LeCun's talk on "The Power and Limits of Deep Learning"
Libraries & Code
GitHub - benedekrozemberczki/Splitter: A Pytorch implementation of "Splitter: Learning Node Representations that Capture Multiple Social Contexts" (WWW 2019).
Introducing spaCy v2.1 · Blog · Explosion AI
Papers & Publications
[1901.09491] Stiffness: A New Perspective on Generalization in Neural Networks
[1903.00812] 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image