Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #23: Deep Learning Predictions for 2017, Debugging TensorFlow, AlphaGo strikes again

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Hello and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly,this week we have Deep Learning prediction
January 11 · Issue #23 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hello and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly,

this week we have Deep Learning predictions for 2017, a new course on Reinforcement Learning, lots of educational articles on Deep Learning in NLP, practical tips for debugging your TensorFlow code and three brilliant academic papers. In other news, NVIDIA ramps up move into autonomous vehicle space through Audi partnership and mystery online Go champion is revealed to be an updated version of AlphaGo.

Happy reading!

AI & Deep Learning predictions for 2017
Nvidia shows self-driving supercomputer at CES, names it Xavier - Roadshow
CS 294 Deep Reinforcement Learning, Spring 2017
king - man + woman is queen; but why?
Applying Neural Network and Local Laplace Filter Methods to Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery…
Deep Text Correcter
A Practical Guide for Debugging Tensorflow Codes
Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, AI & More - Educate Yourself Podcast
Libraries & Code
GitHub - AutoDiff DAG builder, built from scratch on top of numpy and C
Papers & Publications
DeepStack: Expert-Level Artificial Intelligence in No-Limit Poker
Two-Bit Networks for Deep Learning on Resource-Constrained Embedded Devices
Google Reveals Secret Test of AI Bot to Beat top Go Players
Reinforcement Learning Using Quantum Boltzmann Machines