Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #25: PyTorch release, new Deep Learning Course, Neurala, DeepTraffic

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Hello deep learning practitioners, enthusiasts, dabblers and dilettantes,This week we bring you news
January 25 · Issue #25 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly

Hello deep learning practitioners, enthusiasts, dabblers and dilettantes,

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Deep Learning AI for NASA Powers Earth Robots
Microsoft to double its Montreal AI R&D office and invest $7M in academic research
First FDA Approval For Clinical Cloud-Based Deep Learning In Healthcare
DeepTraffic | A gamified simulation of typical highway traffic
MIT 6.S094 | Introduction to Deep Learning and Self-Driving Cars
Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation | Udacity
Engineering is the bottleneck in (Deep Learning) Research – Denny's Blog
Understanding the new Google Translate
Libraries & Code
PyTorch | Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration
Domain Transfer Network | Tensorflow implementation of unsupervised cross-domain image generation
Kur | Descriptive Deep Learning
Attention Transfer | Improving Convolutional Networks
Example: attention transfer for facial recognition
Papers & Publications
Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim
Towards Principled Methods for Training Generative Adversarial Networks