Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #3 facebook open sources fastText, colorize b/w videos, emoji embeddings & mollified neural networks

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Howdy folks,welcome to our second issue. This week we are regaling you with a veritable cornucopia of
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Deep Learning Weekly
Howdy folks,

welcome to our second issue. This week we are regaling you with a veritable cornucopia of interesting developments in deep learning from emoji embeddings over facebooks newly open sourced fastText library to what to do when your gradient descent doesn’t converge.

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Correcting Intel’s Deep Learning Benchmark Mistakes | NVIDIA Blog
Nuance brings deep learning tech to its Dragon speech recognition | TechCrunch
Dango - Emoji & Deep Learning
Making Kaggle the Home of Open Data | No Free Hunch
Excire Search for Lightroom Helps You Find Photos with AI
Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research lab releases open source fastText on GitHub | TechCrunch
End-to-End Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars | Parallel Forall
JIT native code generation for TensorFlow computation graphs using Python and LLVM | Terra Incognita
You also get a neat graphic illustrating the RNN they used to embed the emojis, Emoji2Vec anyone?
7 Years - Neural Network Research (Deep Learning) - Coloring a B&W Videoclip - YouTube
Landscape of Deep Learning Frameworks — Medium
Interviews and Q&As
RE•WORK | Blog - Is Humanising Chatbots the Next Inevitable Improvement?
Yann LeCun's answer to What are your recommendations for self-studying machine learning? - Quora
Libraries & Code
GitHub -facebookresearch/fastText: Library for fast text representation and classification.
GitHub - jisaacso/DeepHeart: Neural networks for monitoring cardiac data
GitHub - jnhwkim/ddx: Deep Learning Dashboard
GitHub - rhiever/tpot: A Python tool that automatically creates and optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.
Papers & Publications
Mollifying Networks
Stochastic Gradient Descent with Restarts
Full Resolution Image Compression with Recurrent Neural Networks
Deep vs. shallow networks : An approximation theory perspective
Decoupled Neural Interfaces using Synthetic Gradients