Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #35 - OpenAI's Evolution Strategy, A look at Google's TPU Architecture, a new Data Set

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Hiya and welcome to a new week in deep learning.This week we bring you a new and exciting dataset wit
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Deep Learning Weekly
Hiya and welcome to a new week in deep learning.
This week we bring you a new and exciting dataset with conversational memory, a first look at Google’s TPU Architecture, a revolutionary research result from OpenAI, the video lectures from Stanford’s CS224d and more.
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New Institute Aims to Make Toronto an ‘Intellectual Centre’ of AI Capability
First In-Depth Look at Google’s TPU Architecture
Classifying White Blood Cells With Deep Learning
29 Amazing Applications of Deep Learning
Lecture Collection | Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
Failures of Deep Learning
How to Choose a Neural Network
Libraries & Code
Jupyter Notebook 5.0
GitHub - Starter code for Evolution Strategies
Monet to photo (Good Results)
Frames Dataset by Maluuba
Papers & Publications
Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learning
English Conversational Telephone Speech Recognition by Humans and Machines