Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #45: Model Verification, Object Detection API, MultiModel, iOS 11

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It's been an exciting week again, so let's head right in: Google was busy once again and presented a
June 22 · Issue #45 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
It’s been an exciting week again, so let’s head right in:
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The challenge of verification and testing of machine learning
Tesla hires deep learning expert Andrej Karpathy to lead Autopilot vision
MultiModel: Multi-Task Machine Learning Across Domains
ML notes: Why the log-likelihood?
General Game Playing with Schema Networks
Libraries & Code
iOS 11: Machine Learning for everyone
Supercharge your Computer Vision models with the TensorFlow Object Detection API
Building a scalable foundation for deep learning
Accelerating Deep Learning Research with the Tensor2Tensor Library
Papers & Publications
Prototypical Networks for Few-shot Learning
Programmable Agents
Attention Is All You Need