Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #47: Not Hotdog, Self-Driving Car internals, Semantic Segmentation

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Hey Folks, we're back this week to bring you a great article on how the "Not Hotdog" app was built, a
July 7 · Issue #47 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey Folks,
we’re back this week to bring you a great article on how the “Not Hotdog” app was built, a look under the hood of self-driving taxis, thoughts about the role of TensorFlow for Google, great posts on semantic segmentation and quantization as well as an automatic momentum SGD tuner.
There are plenty of great reads in this issue and we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did. As always, we appreciate you sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues.
See you next week!

Under the Hood of a Self-Driving Taxi
Torc Robotics unveils self-driving system for consumer cars
Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software
A 2017 Guide to Semantic Segmentation with Deep Learning
Interpreting neurons in an LSTM network
What I’ve learned about neural network quantization
Libraries & Code
How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native
YellowFin: An automatic tuner for momentum SGD
Papers & Publications
Privacy-preserving generative deep neural networks support clinical data sharing