Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #48 How Deep Learning is changing science, seq2seq tutorial, NeuorNER named entity recognition

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Howdy and welcome to another issue of deep learning weekly! This week we have a fascinating Science o
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Deep Learning Weekly
Howdy and welcome to another issue of deep learning weekly!
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PAIR: the People + AI Research Initiative
Microsoft creates an AI research lab to challenge Google and DeepMind
AI is Changing How We Do Science
When Not to Use Deep Learning
TensorFlow Neural Machine Translation Tutorial
Introduction to Pointer Networks - FastML
Unintuitive Properties of Deep Neural Networks - Slides to talk by Hugo Larochelle
Libraries & Code
NeuroNER: Named Entity Recognition Using Neural Networks
On-Device Machine Learning with New Mobike SDK by Clarifai
Papers & Publications
Checkerboard Artifact Free Sub-Pixel Convolution
Opportunities and Obstacles for Deep Learning in Biology and Medicine