Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #50: Deep Learning On a Stick, Densely Connected CNNs, Challenges in Deep Learning

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Hello and welcome to the 50th issue of Deep Learning Weekly. This week Google launched an AI focused
July 28 · Issue #50 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hello and welcome to the 50th issue of Deep Learning Weekly.
This week Google launched an AI focused venture fund, we got deep learning on a stick, and a startup making the self-driving car race more suspenseful.
You’ll learn about common sources of technical debt in machine learning systems, challenges in deep learning and if you take the new course the ins and outs of computational linear algebra
Two great papers have come out, one on densely connected convolutional neural networks and the other on improving simulated training images. You should probably read both.
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Qualcomm Opens its Mobile Chip Deep Learning Framework to All
Beijing Wants A.I. to Be Made in China by 2030
Deep Learning on a USB Stick
Former Tesla Engineers Launch Startup to Bring Mapping and Self-Driving Data to Rest of the Industry
Google Creates an AI Venture Fund to Invest in AI Startups
Technical Debt in Machine Learning
Text Classifier Algorithms in Machine Learning
Challenges in Deep Learning
New Course: Computational Linear Algebra
Research Blog: An Update to Open Images - Now with Bounding-Boxes
Example of bounding boxes from Open Images corpus
Decoding the Enigma with Recurrent Neural Networks
DeepMind: Agents that Imagine and Plan
Ian Goodfellow's answer to What is Next for Deep :earning? - Quora
DeepMind: Going Beyond Average for Reinforcement Learning
37 Reasons Why Your Neural Network is not Working
Libraries & Code
SimGAN-Captcha: Solve Captcha Without Manual Labeling a Training Set
A Memory-Efficient Implementation of DenseNets
Papers & Publications
CVPR2017 Best Paper Awards
Machine Teaching: A New Paradigm for Building Machine Learning Systems
Densely Connected Convolutional Networks
Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images