Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #53: AI in the cloud, image retouching, mind map, GAN super-resolution

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Hi and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly! This week, we take a look at AI in the cloud
August 18 · Issue #53 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hi and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly!
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AI Is Taking Over the Cloud
Did Elon Musk’s AI champ destroy humans at video games? It’s complicated
Automatic image retouching on your phone
Google Hires Former Star Apple Engineer for Its AI Team
Cooperatively Learning Human Values
Concepts of Advanced Deep Learning Architectures
Graph Convolutional Networks
Libraries & Code
TensorFlow 1.3.0
TVM: An End to End IR Stack for Deploying the Deep Learning Workloads to Hardwares
Papers & Publications
Superresolution with semantic guide
Direct-Manipulation Visualization of Deep Networks