Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #59: ML Glossary & Cheat Sheets, large-scale DL, new Tools and Frameworks

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Hi and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly! This week we've got a valuable machine learn
September 28 · Issue #59 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hi and welcome to another issue of Deep Learning Weekly!
This week we’ve got a valuable machine learning glossary and an extensive collection of deep learning cheat sheets, an open-source architecture for deep learning accelerators from Nvidia, a great talk about large-scale deep learning from Jeff Dean and an article on working with categorical data.
As always, the top players were busy pleasing the community again: Google has made new GPU’s available, Microsoft extends its machine learning toolset, Baidu has released a specialized iOS CNN framework and others have released great new frameworks for collaborative online model building and video based agent training. Last but not least, Yoshua Bengio published an interesting paper on consciousness in representation learning.
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See you next week!

NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator
Jeff Dean’s Talk on Large-Scale Deep Learning
Microsoft launches new machine learning tools
Introducing faster GPUs for Google Compute Engine
Machine Learning Glossary
Using categorical data in machine learning with Python
Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers
Libraries & Code
Fabrik – A platform to build deep learning models online
SerpentAI: Game Agent Framework
CUDA Toolkit 9.0 Release Notes
Papers & Publications
The Consciousness Prior
The loss surface of deep and wide neural networks