Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #60: AI patents, why GANs are broken, large X-ray datasets & is AI riding a one-trick pony?

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Welcome to a truly eventful week in deep learning. This week WaveNet launched in Google assistant, De
October 6 · Issue #60 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Welcome to a truly eventful week in deep learning. This week WaveNet launched in Google assistant, DeepMind launched a new ethics and society research initiative, we learn about the problem with GANs, how to setup a deep learning environment on macOS and that floating point arithmetic provide enough non-linearity for training neural networks.
As always happy hacking and reading.
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Stupid Patents are Dragging down AI and Machine Learning
DeepMind Ethics & Society | DeepMind
Teachable Machine Explore Deep Learning in the Browser
Google AI Residency Program
Samsung Opens AI Lab in Canada
WaveNet Launches in the Google Assistant
GANs are Broken in More than One Way: The Numerics of GANs
Is AI Riding a One-Trick Pony?
The Hippocampus as a 'Predictive Map'
Real-Time Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters Spanning a Large Inventory of 30,000 Characters - Apple
macOS for deep learning with Python, TensorFlow, and Keras - PyImageSearch
NIH Clinical Center Releases one of the Largest Publicly Available Chest X-Ray Datasets
e-Lab Video Data Set
Variational Inference and Deep Learning; A New Synthesis
Continuous Learning Agents
But what *is* a Neural Network? | Deep learning, Part 1
Deep learning and Backprop in the Brain (Yoshua Bengio - CCN 2017)
Nonlinear Computation in Deep Linear Networks
Libraries & Code
MILA ends Theano Development
rubiks_cube_convnet: How to Train a ConvNet to Solve a Rubiks Cube
Variational Dropout Sparsifies DNN: Sparse Variational Dropout, ICML 2017
Papers & Publications
Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation Networks
Generating Sentences by Editing Prototypes