Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #73: Deep Learning in the Wild, Build your own AlphaZero, Batch Re-Normalization, Autonomous Driving Checklist

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Hey and welcome, we are back with an issue stock-full of goodies. First off, we just launched a serie
February 5 · Issue #73 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey and welcome,
we are back with an issue stock-full of goodies. First off, we just launched a series of interview on how companies are using deep learning to tackle real world problems™.
We learn how to serve a Keras model via REST endpoint, what batch re-normalization is about and how to build our own AlphaZero implementation.
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We’re proud to introduce a new blog on; Deep Learning in the Wild, where we interview companies and startups across industries to find out how deep learning is actually applied to tackle real-world problems:
i2x̅ - Conversation training and analysis
Lobster - Real-time stock photos
People + AI Research - Library - Google Design
Google is launching an AI research center in France and expanding its office
A Guide to Receptive Field Arithmetic for Convolutional Neural Networks
Annotating Large Datasets with the TensorFlow Object Detection API
A Refresher on Batch (re-)Normalization
Automatically Test Neural Network Models in one Function Call
Building a simple Keras + Deep Learning REST API
DeepMind: Learning Explanatory Rules from Noisy Data
How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras
Libraries & Code
Google Developers Blog: Announcing TensorFlow 1.5
FAIR: Countering Adversarial Image using Input Transformations.
CakeChat: Emotional Generative Dialog System
Autonomous Driving Cookbook
Events & Conferences
The AI Conference is where cutting-edge science meets new business implementation. Presented by O'Reilly Media and Intel. Save 20% on most passes when you use the discount code DLWEEKLY20.
Machine Learning Conferences in 2018
Papers & Publications
Countering Adversarial Images using Input Transformations
tempoGAN: A Temporally Coherent, Volumetric GAN for Super-resolution Fluid Flow