Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #75 - Google Landmark Dataset, JupyterLab is ready for users

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Hey ho, This week Google makes available their Cloud TPU Machine Learning Accelerators in Beta and re
March 2 · Issue #75 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey ho,

Industry & Academia
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Cloud TPU Machine Learning Accelerators Now Available in Beta
JupyterLab is Ready for Users – Jupyter Blog
Artificial Intelligence Faces Reproducibility Crisis
Preparing for Malicious Uses of AI
China Overtakes US in AI Startup Funding With a Focus on Facial Recognition and Chips
The AI Talent Shortage
Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers
Human-centered Machine Learning: a Machine-in-the-loop Approach
Kernels, Polysemy and AI
Accelerating I/O bound deep learning – RiseML Blog
Proving Generalization of Deep Nets via Compression
Google-Landmarks: A New Dataset and Challenge for Landmark Recognition
Papers & Publications
Neural Voice Cloning with a Few Samples - Baidu Research
Adversarial Examples that Fool both Human and Computer Vision
Machine Theory of Mind
L4: Practical Loss-based Stepsize Adaptation for Deep Learning