Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #79: DAWN Deep Learning Benchmark, Optimization Algorithms, Deep Extreme Cut

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Hiya and welcome to another week in deep learning,  this week we bring a DAWN a deep learning benchma
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Deep Learning Weekly
Hiya and welcome to another week in deep learning, 
As always, happy reading and hacking!

Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief
Why 2018 Will be the Year Apps Go to the Edge
Stanford DAWN Deep Learning Benchmark (DAWNBench)
Deep Learning Studio is Better More Powerful Than Ever (sponsored)
Eric Jang: Aesthetically Pleasing Learning Rates
Learning to Navigate in Cities Without a Map
A Birds-eye View of Optimization Algorithms
Libraries & Code
Highlights from the TensorFlow Developer Summit, 2018
NVIDIA/nvvl: Hardware Acceleration to Load Sequences of Video Frames
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Data Scientist
Data Scientist Intern
Papers & Publications
MobileNetV2: The Next Generation of On-Device Computer Vision Networks
Deep Extreme Cut
Training Tips for the Transformer Model