Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #81: Why the AI revolution hasn't happened yet, spherical CNNs, adversarial attacks in medicine

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Welcome to another week in deep learning. In industry, we start off with a through-provoking article
April 22 · Issue #81 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Welcome to another week in deep learning.
In industry, we start off with a through-provoking article by one of the giants in the field, take a peak behind the curtain of the banking industry to see why AI has not yet lived up to the hype.
We learn, this week, why RNN’s and LSTM are going the way of the dinosaurs and how to handle bias in text embeddings.
Of course, the mills of academia did not stand still this week either producing fascinating papers such as CNNs for spherical images, performing audio-visual speech separation or how the domain of medicine might be most at risk for adversarial exploits.

As always, happy reading and hacking!

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