Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #87: AI Principles, 12TB RAM, AI Bubble, Tiny Devices, Software Stack 2.0, One-Shot Object Detection, Create ML

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Hey Folks! This week, we learn about Google's AI principles, Microsoft announced machines with huge a
June 14 · Issue #87 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey Folks!
This week, we learn about Google’s AI principles, Microsoft announced machines with huge amounts of memory, first thoughts about an AI bubble begin to surface and we take a look at machine learning on tiny devices.
Andrej Karpathy shares some interesting views on the software stack 2.0 at Tesla, we learn everything about one-shot object detection and AutoAugment from Google, take a look at Apples new Create ML tool and get to know a machine learning toolchain built for artists.
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AI at Google: our principles
Microsoft Azure will soon offer machines with up to 12 TB of memory
When the bubble bursts…
Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny
Why This Startup Created A Deep Learning Chip For Autonomous Vehicles
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Building the Software 2.0 Stack by Andrej Karpathy from Tesla
One-shot object detection
Improving Deep Learning Performance with AutoAugment
Libraries & Code
Training a Text Classifier with Create ML and the Natural Language Framework
LSTM · ml5js
Papers & Publications
Improving Language Understanding with Unsupervised Learning
Why do deep convolutional networks generalize so poorly to small image transformations?