Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #94: Deep Learning Summer School, Pose Transfer, Banking Model Deployment, Rekognition Claims, Reinforcement Learning, Gradient Boosting, Gaze-Tracking in the Browser, Gibson and more…

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Welcome to a new week in deep learning! We're here to distract you from your failed NIPS2018 ticket o
September 5 · Issue #94 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Welcome to a new week in deep learning!
We’re here to distract you from your failed NIPS2018 ticket order with a fresh set of news and articles:
Moving on, we learn everything about reinforcement learning and gradient boosting, as well as a unified model for measuring uncertainty. Furthermore we get a nice tutorial on how to build a gaze-tracking model in our browser, Stanfords Gibson environment and a handy package for lazily caching data in your project.
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An Insider's Look Into The Summer School Training The World's Top AI Researchers
Easy-to-make videos can show you dancing like the stars
ANZ bank unpicking neural networks in effort to avoid dangers of deep learning
Amazon Rekognition Mistook Congressmen for Criminals? A Closer Look
Reinforcement Learning: A Comprehensive Introduction
How to explain gradient boosting
Uncertainty for CTR Prediction: One Model to Clarify Them All
Libraries & Code
Learning where you are looking at (in the browser)
Gibson Environment
Lazydata: Scalable data dependencies for Python projects
Papers & Publications
Forecasting earthquake aftershock locations with AI-assisted science
Deep Exemplar-based Colorization
Wasserstein is all you need