Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #97: DIY vs. AWS, Microsoft Ignite Announcements, Tools for AI Fairness, Racist Sentiment Analyser, Optimal Transport, ML Opportunities and more…

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Hey there! This week in deep learning, we show you why building your own rig is much cheaper than clo
September 25 · Issue #97 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
Hey there!
This week in deep learning, we show you why building your own rig is much cheaper than cloud solutions, take a look at Microsoft’s latest announcements, learn about the new iPhones “neural engine”, and the latest tools against model bias from the large players.
We learn how easy one can build a racist sentiment analyser, get to know optimal transport theory, hear about opportunities in the current AI hype and it’s media echo, and last but not least we found some helpful libraries to fuel your next project.
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Why building your own Deep Learning computer is 10x cheaper than AWS
From humanitarian programs to new business tools: AI news from Microsoft’s Ignite conference
Apple hopes you'll figure out what to do with AI on the iPhone XS
Artificial Intelligence Can Reinforce Bias, Cloud Giants Announce Tools For AI Fairness
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How to make a racist AI without really trying
An Intuitive Guide to Optimal Transport, Part I: Formulating the Problem
Machine Learning: The Opportunity and the Opportunists
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Microsoft’s machine learning tools for developers get smarter
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Automated Game Design via Conceptual Expansion
Identifying Generalization Properties in Neural Networks