Deep Learning Weekly | Issue #98: Insiders Guide to AI Experts, Building Safe AI, Infrastructure for Self Driving Cars

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Howdy folks, This week in deep learning we bring you an insiders guide to keeping up with AI experts
October 3 · Issue #98 · View online
Deep Learning Weekly
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An Insider’s Guide to Keeping Up with the AI Experts
The Thriving AI Landscape In Israel And What It Means For Global AI Competition
Unity and DeepMind to Advance AI Research Using Virtual Worlds
An Online Hiring Marketplace Built For Developers (sponsored)
Building Safe AI: Specification, Robustness, and Assurance IntroIntroduction to Machine Learning for Coders: Launch
Inside NVIDIA’s AI infrastructure for Self-Driving Cars – @Scale
Libraries & Code
Prometheus: Reproducible and fast DL/RL.
Facebook Accelerates AI Development with new Partners and Production Capabilities for PyTorch 1.0
Papers & Publications
Towards the First Adversarially Robust Neural Network Model on MNIST
Resilient Computing with Reinforcement Learning on a Dynamical System: Case Study in Sorting
Cellular Automata as Convolutional Neural Networks
Accurate, Large Minibatch SGD: Training ImageNet in 1 Hour