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About Deep Learning Weekly

Since early 2019, the ML team at Fritz AI has been curating Deep Learning Weekly, a weekly link-based newsletter covering the latest and greatest from the deep learning world—industry news, groundbreaking research, tutorials, new datasets, mobile and edge ML content, and more. This letter goes out to more than 14,100 subscribers each week, making it one of the premier weekly mailings in the industry.

About the Role

With DLW’s growth comes the need for change. This is why we’re seeking an Associate Editor for Deep Learning Weekly.

This is a paid, part-time/contract role, the rate is $200 (USD) per issue. It is a remote role and open to international candidates. The Associate Editor will report to Deep Learning Weekly’s Editor-in-Chief.

Associate Editor Responsibilities, Position Requirements, and Benefits

The primary responsibility of the Associate Editor is to curate weekly issues of Deep Learning Weekly. This includes a number of different tasks: 

  • Sourcing high-quality, timely, and relevant content from across the internet for each content section.

  • Writing clear and concise 2 sentence descriptions for each piece of content

  • Organizing sourced content in DLW’s template format

  • Delivering each week’s draft newsletter to the Editor-in-Chief, on-time and without grammatical or formatting errors

This opportunity also has the growth potential of expanding into more editorial control, with the ability to schedule and send the newsletter, promote it on social media, create additional types of content, and more.

The are no formal requirements for this role, but a successful Associate Editor will have:

  • Significant interest in deep learning, familiarity with the industry and language/terminology

  • Understanding of what is newsworthy within the industry

  • Proficiency with concise written communication

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to meet consistent, weekly deadlines on an ongoing basis

  • 5 or more hours per week for focused attention to this work

DL Weekly Background + Format

Deep Learning Weekly is now approaching its 200th weekly issue, with constant growth in circulation. It serves as a collection of high-quality, timely, and otherwise relevant content from across the deep learning world, and includes a number of different sections that help organize this content.

Each week’s issue includes content within the following sections, with estimated link totals per issue in parentheses:

  • Issue Introduction (1-2 short paragraphs)

  • Industry (5-7 links)

    • Important fundraising announcements, acquisitions, etc.

    • Announcements from major players, platforms, and frameworks.

    • High-quality op-eds or editorials about the state of the AI/ML/DL community.

  • Mobile+Edge (3-5 links)

    • Content focusing on mobile and/or edge ML.

    • Can be news, tutorials, new research, etc.

    • You can think of this as a unique, dedicated section that covers any and all of the other content categories, but with a mobile/edge focus.

  • Learning (3-5 links)

    • Tutorials, ebooks, webinars, courses – anything that readers might find particularly engaging or helpful.

    • Preference is for free content here (i.e. no paywall, fee-based downloads, etc. whenever possible).

  • Libraries & Code (2-3 links)

    • Code resources from repos, libraries, etc. that span the deep learning landscape. These are often links to new or refreshed GitHub repos.

  • Papers & Publications (2-3 links + abstract snippet)

    • Titles and abstracts for new, relevant research – can be anything in deep learning.

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