A tutorial for smart mask detection, a toolkit for conversational AI, IBM uses a quantum computer to improve ML, Microsoft acquires an AI company, hier…
Miko Planas
Accelerating CNNs on mobile devices, uses cases for SOTA speech-to-text models, a new book about the history of AI, a guide to model inference optimiza…
Grégoire Jauvion
Hugging Face teams up with SageMaker, body pose estimation on smart TVs, Arm's new architectural upgrade, Microsoft Teams intros live meeting transcrip…
Miko Planas
PyTorch Profiler, Transformers for longer sequences, a new deepfake singing app, a guide to transfer learning, and more
Grégoire Jauvion and Austin Kodra
AI that more closely mimics the mind, AI bias and civil rights, a novel method for detecting deepfakes, faster deep learning for drug discovery, and mo…
Miko Planas
The 2021 AI Index Report, ML on Raspberry Pi, generative art with ML, the mathematical foundation of deep learning, a new approach to transformers, and…
Grégoire Jauvion
SoTA image generation models, PyTorch 1.8, Facebook's new architecture for object detection on mobile, and more
Matthew Moellman
Come work with us! We're accepting applications for an Associate Editor. Plus, detecting defects in manufactured products with DL, debugging neural net…
Austin Kodra and Matthew Moellman
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Austin Kodra and Dan Abdinoor
Another AI researcher terminated by Google, no-code voice AI platform for MCUs, Apple's federated evaluation and learning system, the tech behind cinem…
Matthew Moellman and Austin Kodra
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TensorFlow 3D, federated learning for reducing carbon emissions, one-shot music style transfer, and more
Matthew Moellman